more than just a gallery

The roots of Alef dig deep into all origins: as our name suggests, we start our  journey from the beginning, unfurling the traditional arts of the Mediterranean basin and keeping them alive in the modern age. Alef is more than just a gallery; it is a place where people can wander from reverie to reverie and be transported back to those ancient civilizations that have fascinated us for centuries. We are dreamers and want others to be inspired. We seek to share our journeys into the  mystique and diversity of Arabic culture. We draw from this source our  inspiration, mixing modern with traditional; luxuriant decadence with  contemporary simplicity. The gallery’s main aim is to revive high quality handicrafts and home furnishings; to maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship in all our creations. Our vision into reality. From  glass-blowers to carpenters, all our craftsmen work for Alef in-house, ensuring each and every piece is unique and finished to the highest possible standards.

Our textiles boutique has become one of our sincerest passions. Exclusive to Alef and based on traditional Coptic,  Islamic and Orientalist designs, we print on all natural fibres including a wide variety of Egyptian cotton weaves, linens and velvets.

Alef has also been engaged on many occasions to supply creative services for hotels, public projects, restaurants and special events: